Mythric Mystery Master: Frequently Asked Questions
Does M3 require an active internet connection to run?
No. M3 is installed locally and only needs internet to perform occasional license checks or if you are using integrations with sites such as Bookeo or Fareharbor.
How many rooms can I run with one license?
Each license is allows you to run an unlimited number of rooms per location. So you can run as many rooms as you have!
What media formats does M3 support?
We support mp3 for audio and mp4 video. For images we support jpg, png, gif and bmp.
Can I add my own html content?
Yes! In fact M3 is designed to allow you to add as much new html content as you want. Don't just tweak what M3 offers, create your own content from scratch and add it!
What limitations does M3's c# scripting interface have?
Only one... We don't allow scripts acces to the Syste.IO.File namespace for security reasons. This keeps the contents of your PC safe.
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