Software To Unlock Your Escape Rooms Potential
M3: An Escape Room & Attraction System Built For The Future
With the Escape Room market continuing to grow and evolve, operators are constantly looking for a software platform that can power their current and next-generation rooms. Mythric Mystery Master (M3) is built for that purpose. Easy to use software that unlocks a whole new world of functionality.

Want your rooms to automatically interact with players as they progress? Want to have branching logic that allows for alternate story paths? Want it to truly be easy to use? Then you've come to the right place!

Interested in a free trial of M3? You can get started Right Here!
What Are Some Of The Features That Makes M3 Different?
M3 takes the concept of Escape Rooms and Haunted Attractions and approaches it from a new direction. Operators organize their experiences into 'Stories' that have Prologues and Epilogues.

Technologically we want M3 to be able to talk to all of your devices and props to help create a richer experience for your players.
M3 Has Native Support For:
  • One or More PLCs
  • DMX Lights, Hydraulics and More
  • Json Compliant Devices
  • MQTT Compliant Devices
  • Philips Hue Lights
  • Z-Wave Devices
M3 Also Natively Supports Network Devices Such As:
  • Arduino Compatible Boards
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Windows IoT
Plug and Play Devices
Mythric Studios is also working with Escape Room Techs and their series of FX Boards for an unparalleled Plug and Play installation.
What Do I Need To Run M3?
Mythric Mystery Master needs a Windows 7 (or above) PC with a minimum of 1GB of ram to run. Unlike some Escape Room control systems, no internet connection is required to operate M3. It will only check for updates and to validate your licenses when a connection is available.
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